Lyn Craven


Diploma of Naturopathy
Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine
Diploma of Ayurvedic Herbology
Certificate of Aboriginal Herbal Medicine
Diploma of Nutrition and Dietetics
Diploma of Food Therapy
Diploma of Iridology
Diploma of Science & Anatomy Physiology
Diploma of Bowen Therapy
Cert IV Advanced Bowen Therapy
Diploma of Polarity Therapy
Diploma of Swedish and Remedial Massage
Certificate Touch for Health Level 1
Certificate Aura Soma Colour Healing
Certificate Vodder Lymph Technique
Master and Teacher of Reiki Energy Healing
Meditation Teacher

I was born in England and brought up on an all-round fresh food diet. My mother did not believe in packaged foods and rarely cooked anything from a can so we were fortunate to obtain plenty fresh food and meats from a local butcher who owned his own animals on a mini farm. My mother rarely called in the doctor and had the ability to “fix” everything herself no matter what disorder we had using many natural means.

When I lived in Jersey the Channel Islands at age 19 I was involved in a car accident. The scars I acquired were slow healing and I discovered the benefits of Vitamin E oil. This opened my curiosity up more to other natural remedies. However it wasn’t till some years later when I was living in Sydney (I arrived in 1974) that I began exploring the benefits of healthy food and how important nutrition was. At that time I had recovered from Epstein Bar Virus, viral Hepatitis and Glandular fever. This can really knock you around! I was lucky to connect with a medical practitioner who encouraged me to use probiotics, vitamin A, E, C and also B complex. Due to ongoing migraines I experienced from this virus for many years my research led me onto natural therapies and most importantly herbal medicine.

I began my studies in natural therapies back in 1988 with Swedish and Remedial massage, Vodder Lymphatic drainage and Aromatherapy, Nutrition and Dietetics, Food Therapy and Iridology, each year I enrolled in further studies completing a 3 year course in Western Herbal Medicine including Australian Indigenous Herbs, and Ayurveda Herbology and Naturopathy (since back then people often studied a modality at a time), spanning 7 years in my case.

Whilst studying I was working as an Exe PA in a variety of organisations many quite stressful and demanding requiring organisation skills and ability to prioritise. This was important for when I established my own business and began delivering corporate health seminars, health and wellness days along with consultations on site for staff, since 1999 along with organising conferences for international integrative Ophthalmologic physicians.

In 2001 I studied Polarity Therapy at diploma level and finally discovered the amazing benefits of Bowen Therapy where I obtained a diploma in 2003. Throughout these years of study I attended many educational workshops including Touch for Health and Aroma Soma colour healing. Having taught meditation since year 1998 I decided to create a meditation CD in 2008 and was very fortunate to have this marketed internationally which is available via my website.

I have conducted many Reiki healing workshops, community talks, seminars and meditation for stress management since 1998 for people from all professional backgrounds including corporate business where I have been involved in health and wellness days including educational health seminars for variety of organisations. Some prominent corporate clients I have worked with are: AMP, Crown Solicitors, Mallesons Lawyers, Waverley Council, North Sydney Council, State Street, JP Morgan and KPMG to name just a few. I am passionate about education and teaching people how to maintain good health naturally and improve posture and body awareness of the body to help avoid injuries. I never dreamed that I would be working with natural therapies but looking back it was all synchronicity how everything fell into place and now I can’t imagine doing anything else!

I am presently interested in researching natural therapies for degenerative eye disorders particularly Glaucoma, click here to learn more. Being diagnosed with Glaucoma myself I set about researching the many types of glaucoma on a professional forum and have put together homoeopathic and herbal remedies that are helpful in maintaining a balance of the metabolism whilst supporting the brain and eyes. My journey of research and treatment took me to the USA since I was incorrectly diagnosed. If you have a specialist eye doctor and you need advice on how to maintain good brain/eye health for the future I can help you. Many people have ocular hypertension but not glaucoma. It is very important that you are under the care of a glaucoma specialist and not to rely on natural remedies 100%.

I continue with ongoing education in line with my professional association each year, involving seminars, webinars and research.

ATMS Member

Australian Traditional Medicine Society

As a member of the ATMS, we must abide by a stringent code of ethics that maintains a professional standard of service and operation. The product of these guidelines is the best results for clients as well as the Traditional Medicine industry. For more information please click here