Homeopathy was re-discovered by Samuel Hahnemann in 1790, however, Hippocrates was the first to discover this healing modality. Hippocrates is known as “The Father of Medicine”.

Hahnemann observed that when the body presents with an array of symptoms and signs of illness it was the body’s attempt to heal itself and that a substance which was capable of producing similar symptom’s to the disease is then used to stimulate strengthening of the defence mechanism.

Homeopathy applies the Law of Similars using medicinal substances in a weak or infinitesimal dose.

“Like cures like” – is often quoted when referring to homeopathy. .

Examples are:

If you sting yourself on a nettle bush, you take a nettle leaf, squeeze the sap from it and promptly put it onto the area that is stinging. It will resolve the stinging.

A feverish person is given quinine – from the bark of Cinchona tree to resolve malarial fever. If this remedy was given in the homeopathic form to a person with no fever it may bring on a feverish state – but give it to one suffering fever and it resolves it. Like cures like.

This principle was known to our most famous ancient physicians Hippocrates who lived in 400BC and Paracelsus born in 1493 and died in 1541, but it wasn’t until Hahnemann began investigating this method of healing that it gained popularity.

When treating a person with homeopathy you treat the person, not the disease here lies the difference from conventional medicine.

Homeopathy is safe and effective when used in trained hands and can be given to everyone, including children, elderly and animals. It is an excellent remedy to give when someone is unable to take herbal medicine or presently on one or more pharmaceutical drugs. Likewise with animals since they often reject the smell and taste of herbs.

I am not a classical homoeopath. Classical homeopathy tends to focus on using single remedies, whereas I often administer complex’s which are already formulated with 5 or more remedies. These could be derived from plant, mineral or tissue, sources.

Homeopathy has been successfully used now for over 150 years, however as mentioned it was discovered 2000 years ago! So you can rest assured they have stood the test of time!

Each case is assessed individually to ascertain which type of remedy is appropriate for your needs. Often homoeopathy remedies are dispensed along with herbal medicine. I have seen great results using homoeopathy and sometimes combining with herbal remedies.