The type of meditation I offer is Creative Visualisation – one to one Consultation with for 1 hour or 1.5 hours.

The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation soothes, calms and nurtures your emotional nature. You are at peace with yourself – releasing all stress, physical, mental and emotional.

Meditation is one of the most powerful and easy healing tools to learn. It is an excellent adjunct to all other therapies and treatments you may receive.

The positive aspects for the physical body are:

• Assisting in lowering blood pressure and slowing down the cardiovascular system
• Assisting in restoring balanced function to the digestive system allowing all nutrients to be absorbed more efficiently
• Relaxing and nurturing entire nervous system
• Assists in relaxing muscle tension
• Diminishes intensity of some headaches/migraines
• With practice can assist you in generating your own self-healing to any part of the body where your intention is focused.

The positive aspects for the emotional body are:

• Freeing the mind from self-doubts and internal chatter • Releasing fears • Releasing and resolving anxiety
• Assisting with depression and generating optimism
• Generating self-esteem, confidence and motivation
• Regaining your Inner Power and strengthening your Will
• Instils patience, tolerance, self-acceptance and self-love
• Releasing judgmental attitudes and thoughts
• Releasing self-doubts
• Releasing anger, aggression and allowing the peace of love to flow into your life
• Stimulating mental focus and clarity of mind.
• Assists in grief and trauma generating emotional equilibrium
• Allows you to reach a place within for forgiveness for self and others

The positive aspects for the spiritual body are:

• A deeper connection to a Higher Power/God/Spirit
• A stronger connection and appreciation to all aspects of life and creation
• Self-Trust and Trust in the unknown - Higher Power
• Stronger intuitive abilities
• Receptivity to clear guidance from the subconscious mind, psychic awareness and channelling
• Openness to inspirational ideas, thoughts and visions
• A stronger sense of your own presence, life path and destiny

How often should I meditate?

Weekly sessions would be very helpful in all stressful situation and also instil confidence to practice daily at home.

A Meditation CD I created to help you with a weekly practice which I recommend to support the sessions with me and gain a greater understanding of how this type of meditation can be used for a wide array of things utilising the power of your mind.

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