Always focusing on the root cause of the problem. Assessment of past/present health, any lab results and any other medical reports and medications you may be taking.

Iridology may be used in support of medical reports, with a thorough case history taken, I may check the tongue, face, nails, hair and blood pressure.

Treatments will comprise of herbal and/or homoeopath remedies or vitamin/mineral supplements all of which are practitioner only products with strict quality control.

Could be you suffer from high cholesterol, high or very low blood pressure, digestive and bowel disorders, fatigue, sleep problems, food intolerances, parasites/worms, hormonal imbalances, autoimmune disorders and many other such disorders/symptoms that people may see a doctor for. I can help you with natural remedies and treatments, aiming to help the body rebalance and heal. I also offer natural remedies for healthy vision and support for degenerative eye disorders in conjunction with your eye specialist.

No time frame can be given as to when you may improve or resolve, everyone is so individual and the healing requires consistency from you with any remedies you are prescribed.

I work with practitioner only remedies that have undergone strict quality control.

I believe the body should always be treated to free up Chi Energy also known as Vital Life Force. This helps with all remedies or dietary changes including digestion, respiratory, reproductive, urinary and entire metabolism. I include Bowen Therapy treatments with every Naturopathic consultation at no extra cost - experience benefits of always receiving a Bowen Therapy treatment with your Naturopathic consultation that helps the body in so many ways. Please allow 1.5 hours for your first assessment with follow ups usually 1 hour unless your case is very complex and chronic. All remedies or functional lab tests you may require, are additional cost.