Reiki Level 1 – Basic Hands on Healing

This level introduces the therapist to hands-on healing. It allows them to develop their intuitive abilities and become more aware of the subtle aspects of energy.

You can incorporate Reiki into any form of bodywork if the need arises such as with massage. The therapy itself is greatly relaxing and exceptional good for those experiencing trauma, grief, anxiety and stress of all levels, since it allows the person to let go totally and tune into their body, being more receptive to the natural intuitive part of our being, as we all have the ability to become more aware our intuition.

Reiki is a therapy that is often pursued by those experiencing terminal illness, they find it very nurturing and comforting when someone places their hands gently on their body. Reiki also helps you seek the underlying trigger of disease.

Reiki Energy Healing is very simple and easy to learn. The challenge with this type of healing is that the individuals who practice it explore self healing and development ongoing through their lives. This allows the therapist to be a clearer channel for intuitive faculties and so develop acute higher senses.

The history and philosophy of Reiki is explained so everyone obtains an understanding of its origin and how it came to be. The basic function of the Chakra system – known also as the energy centers, are discussed in line with their intimate connection to various organs and body systems. Students will look at how the emotional aspect of our being plays a powerful role in creating many physical disorders than manifest in the body. This is often termed as “the metaphysical aspect of disease”, but I prefer to look at the emotional/body/mind connection when referring to this. I often share some case studies.

After lunch I conduct a meditation followed by Reiki attunement sequences. This is purely a method of applying the ancient symbols in a “ritualistic” way – handed down over time. As most energy therapists are aware anything that has been repeated over and over with the intention of love will amplify in energy, like a prayer. Usually each person will receive some reiki energy healing (on one side of the body); this allows everyone to perform the format for laying on of hands and experience also. Both front and back of the body will be demonstrated and treated.

The manual I have illustrates the positions quite well compared to many other manuals I have seen from people over the years.

I have a recommended book list that I put together. There are more books on reiki now, but many are over lapping in information so I have been discerning with titles that explain other aspects of energy healing also, including psychotherapy approach to mind and emotions.

Cost is $230 Plus manuals are $25 for each workshop A refresher for a full day: available - please bring your manual

Reiki Level 2 – distant healing

This level introduces the therapist to a deeper aspect of energy healing. It has in fact initiated some spontaneous development in clairvision and clairsentient senses with some people in the past.

We look at further examples of how we draw illness and disease to us by the state of the mind and emotions. How it manifests in the energy field. Case studies are shared.

Ancient Reiki symbols are introduced to the student – 3 of them – the use of them is explained and each person would practice drawing them with both pen and hand.

Distant healing methods are discussed utilizing these symbols and how one can use the power of the mind to send healing energy and program it for a specific time of day and place.

We look at how energy affects all that is universal, whether inanimate or not. How intention is used to send positive energy. An example of how the pineal and pituitary glands can be affected by wrong use of energy.

I also show people how to scan, and beam energy. An additional method I have shown people is how to read the body’s energy. Each person will develop in accordance with their sensitivity levels and trust. We look at trust and intent and how this must be used in healing.

Level 2 does not require any bodywork practice. Once the method of laying on of hands and the format is learnt in level 1 there are no additional hand placements.

Cost is $315 Plus manuals are $25 for each workshop Refresher available - please bring your manual

Reiki Master (3rd and final level)

This final level of Reiki (from eastern lineage) allows you to explore and use the Master symbols (3 in all).

You will learn how to cut energy ties which is useful when people suffer from various types of emotional trauma, even when grieving over lost love or those who have passed over.

You will also learn how to perform a guided healing journey. How to look at healing the past, this life and other lives.

You will learn how creative visualisation works and with practice over time you will develop the confidence to create spontaneous healing journeys for anyone that requires specific healing.

You will discover that the Master level gives you more responsibility with a variety of cases that will be presented to you over time. The more you advance your knowledge with Reiki the more complex/intense the cases will present to you, since you will be better placed with knowledge and confidence to assist these people.

More case studies will be shared.

You will receive one attunement for Master and also learn how to perform the attunement sequences yourself so that in future, should you decide to teach Reiki and share all that you have learnt with others you can then attune them.

We discuss legalities of practicing Reiki, indemnity and First Aid.

It is recommended that you be fully confident with Level 2 Reiki and have treated quite a number of people over time before you progress onto Reiki Master level. Likewise, that you are fully conversant with the history and philosophy of Reiki and chakra system before you attempt to teach others.

This requires much practice and study.

I will teach people who have learnt other levels elsewhere if they are confident and would like to bring their manuals along with them. If, by chance they appear to lack some content of what I teach and share with Levels 1 and 2, an additional charge maybe added onto the Master level for the time taken to bring them up todate with this information.

Cost is $690 Plus manuals are $25 for each workshop Refresher available