Reiki Energy Healing

How can Reiki Benefit me?

Reiki Energy Healing is deeply relaxing. Wonderful during times of extreme stress any traumatic life changes/experiences. It allows you time out to fully relax and rejuvenate every cell in your body.

Many people feel that Reiki Energy Healing is far more relaxing than meditation and this is so, because not only can you enjoy a deep meditative state and tune into your inner guidance and intuition you are being facilitated by a therapist who places their hands gently on your body during the treatment which feels very comforting, whereby you find the body immediately begins to relax and let go.

Ancient cultures and many indigenous cultures to date have practiced laying on of hands in order to assist the healing process.

Reiki Energy Healing addresses body, mind, soul and spirit. It accelerates the body’s ability to heal physical ailments, and opens the mind and spirit to the underlying reasons of disease, pain, discomfort and blockages, which might have caused the problem in the first place.

In order to heal ourselves we must seek to find the reason behind the problem and in so doing take responsibility for our lives, resulting in joy, happiness and balanced emotions.

Reiki Energy Healing is also a tool, which can facilitate the discovery of your spiritual path.

What will I experience during a Reiki Energy Healing session?

• You will feel deeply relaxed to the point of falling asleep.
• You may experience tingling sensations or like a light feeling of pins and needles indicating that the energy in and around your body is being activated during the healing session.
• You may experience some inner guidance from your intuition.
• You will experience a release of tension held in your muscles and entire body.
• You experience a deep sense of calm and yet a clarity of mind.
• You will experience elevated levels of positive emotions, thereby assisting in alleviating depression and anxiety.
• You will enjoy a deep sense of contentment.
• Your conscious awareness will be more acute and you find yourself experiencing a deeper sense of appreciation for nature and life in general.
• You experience a release of all stress, thereby allowing the body to function more optimally.

What Can Reiki Energy Healing Do for Me?

• Supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself
• Vitalizes both body and soul
• Re-establishes spiritual equilibrium and mental well-being
• Functions on all levels, whether mental or spiritual, bodily or emotional
• Balances the body’s energies
• Loosens up blocked energy and promotes a state of total relaxation
• Adjusts itself according to the needs of the recipient
• Works with animals and plants

Reiki Energy Healing can never do damage in any way, since it only flows in the quantities necessary for the recipient. It does not interfere with any other therapy or medication that you may be receiving.

Reiki Energy Healing is usually felt as a warm to hot energy emanating from the hands of the practitioner. Unlike massage Reiki Energy Healing is performed with the recipient fully clothed. It is recommended that you wear comfortable clothing in order to assist in relaxing and enjoying the treatment.

A Reiki Energy Healing session takes approximately 1 hour including time before and after to consult and discuss presenting issues with the client. Longer sessions of 1 hour 30 mins or 2 hours can be arranged. Often people choose a longer session if they wish to experience a guided healing meditative journey in conjunction with the treatment.

Please indicate the timeframe you would like to allow for your treatment, in case there is someone scheduled after you.