Nutrition & Food Therapy

Hippocrates (known as the Father of Medicine) quotes “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

What you eat and assimilate is so important. Whilst assessing your present dietary choices I may recommend some alternatives. I aim to educate and encourage you to explore healthy options and best avoid so called “foods” that have vitamins, minerals and omega oils added to them. You may ask “when did a cow see a fish”! Yet many milk products now have omega oils added to them. This can be a huge problem for someone who may already be taking various vitamins and minerals, you get more than you need.

I’m not a fan of many of these fad diets and tend to provide a list of foods that are often allergy triggers or unsuitable for various health disorders, simply ticking what you can have so you know if it’s not ticked you are best avoiding it.

I believe in encouraging everyone to consume a balanced wholesome diet of fresh foods and if I remove an “offending” food then I will look at other options for you.

The right food can improve your health! Eating inappropriate foods can hinder your recovery and create other health problems. Kale is an example. It’s the “in thing” right now. I would never recommend this plant in your diet. Kale contains oxalic acid which irritates the joints along with rhubarb and silver beet (English spinach is perfect). Certain fruits must be avoided if you have joint problems. So here you see how foods considered healthy can be a major issue for your health and wellbeing.

I can help you fine tune your diet and investigate any possible nutritional deficiencies.

Certain foods “feed” the brain and help with clarity of mind, mental acuity and vitality. Discover how you can eat for Brain Health and Success!

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Understanding the Foundation of Health.