Pure Aromatic Oils

These and other oils are available on request Bergamot, Thyme, Rosemary and Lavender.

Bergamot Pure Oil Extracted from the Bergamot tree (Citrus Bergamia) grown in Italy. Obtained by the pressure of rind and fruit. Is helpful for protection from negativity and intention. Helpful in cases of anxiousness and elevated emotions. I often use Bergamot during treatments. Not to be used in oil burners.

Thyme Pure Oil Thyme is from the Labiatae family and originates from the Mediterranean basin also known as Thymus vulgaris. Thyme can be used for many things both medicinally and in cooking. Thyme can be used with Bergamot for protection since Thyme is helpful with protection from negative energy from the earth and helps with grounding. Thyme is a powerful herb to use in fluid extract form which herbalists use in respiratory disorders and sometime parasite formulas.

Rosemary Pure Oil Rosemary also known as Rosmarinus Officinalis is also from the Labiatae family. Rosemary is used both medicinally and in cooking, helpful with alertness and memory. Used for centuries for a variety of ailments both in form of pure essential oil or dried and infused herbs. Rosemary is stimulating so not wise to use late in the evening. Also has used in aromatherapy massage for pain relief for rheumatism and arthritis or a few drops in a bath.

Lavender Pure Oil The common Lavender known as Lavandula officinalis used medicinally may also be referred to as Lavandula augustifolia or Lavandula vera meaning True Lavender. Very important to observe when buying the oil so you don’t end up with synthetic oils. The Latin names must always be checked. Lavender grows in many countries but especially European and UK. This oil is used for so many things and can be helpful for anxiousness and sleep problems. Lavender can be used for sunburn and minor burns, arthritis, some headaches when applied to the temples and calming an overactive brain.