Professional Natural Therapy Services, Stress Management & Naturopathic Consultations, Health & Wellness Days, Expos & Health Resorts/Retreats

With over 28 years experience as a practitioner I offer professional Natural Therapy Services for your organization and clients.

Organisations I have worked with are: AMP, Crown Solicitors, Mallesons Lawyers, Waverley Council, North Sydney Council, State Street, JP Morgan and KPMG to name just a few.

Natural Health Experiences for Corporate Health Expos /Team building retreats and Wellness Days, either half day or one whole day. Larger companies may require 2-4 days so all staff can be involved. If you would like something specific I am can create a Natural Health Day Experience for your staff. Packages comprising a number of health modalities are available upon request.

When people experience a healthy, balanced and fulfilling life they are more motivated, energetic with better performance. Employers benefit greatly when staff are happy healthy, and less stressed, reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity in the organization.

Work cover situations are less likely to occur due to reduced stress by incorporating relevant therapy to improve muscular-skeletal issues that arises from incorrect posture at the workstation.

-Stress Management sessions conducted 1-1½ hours.
-Brief talk on lifestyle factors covering benefits of:
-Diet, health eating
-Adequate Sleep
-How to become aware of your personal stress threshold and ability to prioritize your daily schedule – always allowing personal “time out”

Meditation for Stress & assisting in productivity and positive/confident outlook
Staff can experience the release of stress during meditation sessions, which are highly beneficial. Relaxation exercises using Meditation and Creative Visualization 1 hour. Two or 3 facilitated exercises from 20 – 30 mins focusing on breathing and body/mind awareness, allowing brief time for questions or feedback between each session.

Relaxing, fun and creative meditations to encourage clarity of mind and goal/project manifestation. Allowing everyone to use to power of their mind to create that which they desire. Regular relaxation sessions conducted weekly or fortnightly would encourage staff to incorporate into their daily life. An 8-10 week course can be arranged.

Many staff members have also purchased the CD illustrated on this site front page to assist them in becoming more proficient in meditation in between classes. Discount is available for staff members.

Nutrition Consultations

These short 15-minute assessments allow staff members to learn how making healthy changes with their choice of foods can improve their health and well being, bringing about more physical energy, improved concentration and strengthen their immunity, which in turn not only enhances their work performance but assists in their personal life also! I encourage people to look at the types of foods that are conducive to their health and well-being, since each person presents with unique health situation.

Iridology/Nutrition Consultations

15 minute sessions for each staff member to experience and discover how improving lifestyle, diet and elimination of toxins (which is shown in the Iris), can greatly improve their overall health. Examination of the Iris using iridology can often show if someone is eating too many foods that are contributing to allergic reactions, mineral deficiency and poor elimination and/or liver/digestive function. On occasions past surgery/injuries can be detected in the eye which could indicate underlying weakness in that area of the body. Iridology has proven to be of huge success with a vast amount of people keen to line up, so it is recommended to schedule short appointment slots for efficiency.

Zinc Screening

10 minute sessions for each staff member to assess zinc status. Accurate assessments are achieved by each person tasting a small sample of Zinc Tally liquid and allowing the enzymes in the saliva to mix with the zinc. Zinc is a very important trace mineral for the reproductive system, skin/tissue repair, nails, hair, respiratory system and more. Information of foods containing zinc are given along with any recommended remedies

Naturopathic Consultations

Short consultations scheduled allowing staff members to receive an overview of their present health status. These naturopathic consultations can be scheduled from 20, 30 or 40 mins. Longer consultations can be arranged.

Any necessary supplements can be either recommended or mailed out to each person or to the company reception for staff to collect. These remedies would be paid for by staff members in advance. If anyone requires herbal remedies formulating – I can prepare these and mail also, since quite a number of clients I treat receive herbal remedies or homeopathic remedies.

Bowen Therapy
Treatments take 1 hour, received fully clothed.

Freeing up tightness in the muscular-skeletal system and assisting with any repetitive strain injuries – especially those occurring through poor posture and over use of computer equipment, such as carpel tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, general neck/shoulder strain and of course all back pain and discomfort. Excellent therapy to prevent/treat RSI.

Bowen is gentle and non-invasive and received fully clothed. Ideal for the office environment.

Bowen Therapy Circuit Sessions can accommodate up to 3-4 people in one hour whilst seated at their respective workstation. The focus on the upper part of the body and arms. On-site Bowen can be arranged whereby staff members receive regular (f/nightly or every 3 weeks on-site), 30/40mins or 1-hour treatments assisting in reducing stress in the back, neck and shoulders, creating flexibility, improving concentration and productivity due to increased energy levels.

If you wish to allocate a room for staff to receive regular treatments a massage table can be set up for regular weekly/fortnightly use.

Educational Health Presentations
Topics available for 1 hour are:

-How To Recognise Stress
-Mind-Body Connection
-Eat Well for Success
-Foods For Beauty
-Quit Smoking
-Women’s Health
-Men’s Health
-Anti Cancer Foods
-Sleep Well


-Weekly meditation sessions for 8-10 weeks plus 1 hour presentation on specified health topic followed by Iridology/Nutrition or Nutrition Consults for 15mins per person over same day
-Bowen Therapy treatments scheduled sessions over one day - & 1-hour meditation (follow up consults can be arranged 4 weeks later)
-Meditation sessions for 8 weeks & 2 x 1-hour presentations on Mind-Body Connection & Food For The Brain - Eating for Success!
-Bowen Therapy for prevention of RSI, backache, relaxation, optimum health scheduled appointments 1-hour appointments on-site or 15min sessions upper body only available over 4 week period, then on request.
-Nutrition Consults 15mins per person over 2 x half days or 1 day depending on number of staff involved including a 1 hour presentation.

Any modality can be packaged together for your staff - these are just suggestions.