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Lyn Craven is a Naturopath, Bowen Therapist, Holistic Health Coach and Meditation expert with over 32 year experience.

She focuses on everyone’s digestive health which in turn helps create a stronger immunity. She also helps clients resolve neck, back and RSI pain.

Lyn is a result driven therapist, who loves helping her clients to re-balance their gut, body, mind to achieve health and wellness.

She has her own clinic in Bondi beach and also runs a variety of workshops and treatments for the corporate sector. A very detailed therapist who gets positive outcomes for her clients.

Lyn's Specialties

Gut Health Microbiome, digestive disorders, leaky gut syndrome, bowel disorders including parasite treatments, Gut Health is closely tied up with Immune Health

Women’s Health Hormonal Balance, Menopause and Thyroid, Urinary Tract infections and irregular menstrual cycles are proving to be more common.

Body Pain / Bowen Technique RSI, carpel tunnel, back/neck pain, canal stenosis. Bowen Technique frees up energy in the body helping to restore full body rebalance

Stress/ Sleep Problems – Meditation Fatigue, sleep problems, stress, anxiety, too much screen time

Naturopathy Prescribe and formulate herbal remedies, homoeopathy and supplements in line with dietary assessment. Flower energy remedies are also used. Nutrition - Food therapy - ensuring you eat a fresh food diet with high nutritional content. Also Iridology/Iris diagnosis – inspect the iris to learn about what is going on in the body.

Acupressure (not acupuncture) is used when treating any muscular pain/tension disorders along with rebalancing points for the entire body

Supporting medically diagnosed degenerative eye disorders with natural therapies (glaucoma/macular degeneration) - see my Blog at the top of the page.

Reiki Energy Healing and deep relaxing treatments help you resolve stress and inner conflict, grief and trauma - helping you Let Go and move forward positively in your life. Helps balance many emotional issues.

Intuitive Mind, Body Healing - Guided healing comprising light contact on specific points of the body activating the nervous system, gentle rocking, balancing lines of energy over and around the body, relaxing and non manipulative

Private Meditation and Weekly Groups One to one private meditation for those wishing to focus on something specific. (1 hour)

Corporate and Community Health presentations and talks for community groups. On-site consultations for staff including Iridology, nutrition, zinc screening or you may wish to allocate Naturopathic Wellness consultations. Meditation for stress management can help staff both personally and in their work performance by reducing stress, anxiety, increased mental focus and assists in memory recall, along with confidence building. The techniques allow you to use the power of your Mind to create positivity in all things.

Each person receives individual attention. Herbal remedies that are required are formulated at the time of your consultation tailored for your individual needs. Bowen Technique is often incorporated with a Naturopathic consultation helping to rebalance the body and free up blocked energy. This enhances any dietary and/or lifestyle recommendations to help you regain optimum health and resolve pain and discomfort.

Functional lab tests if required can be arranged without the need of you seeking a medical practitioner’s referral. Ranging from stool tests for parasites, gut bacteria, food and/or chemical allergies, hair mineral analysis including heavy metals, MTHFR gene, urinary pyrroles, endocrine and other tests as required.

CARE FOR YOUR FEET. Gentle Foot Massage/Pedicure working on energy reflex points to stimulate and free up blocked energy via the body's energy channels. Foot exercises to help with flexibility and balance. Treating dried hard skin. Start your treatment with a soothing foot bath including essential oils. Your Feet deserve attention to carry you forward with vitality and ease!

My aim is to assist you in achieving your recovery, health and wellness and regaining vital energy!

ON LINE APPOINTMENTS: Tele consultations via phone, zoom or skype for interstate or if local are too sick to attend. Meditation with zoom is available for those not able to attend face to face for one hour session. Call me today on 0403 231 804 and start your journey of taking care of your health and well being for the future! Corporate Business - meditation for stress management/anxiety - onsite or via zoom to help your staff rebalance and reduce their stress levels - thereby improving productivity and well-being for all concerned. Help with any neurological protection, immunity and combat fatigue.

Please contact me to discuss.


Take a look at what my clients say

  • Lisa
    Lyn was able to release the spasms in my back and restore me to full mobility. More importantly, her process creates a lasting effect on improving my spinal health.
  • Judy
    In my opinion, Lyn has a very rare quality over and above her professional skills and expertise.  She will go the extra mile to help her patients, always willing to help even, if necessary, after hours or weekends.   I find her a very lovely, caring and genuine human being as well as an excellent practitioner.  Anyone who consults her can feel they are in the best hands possible.
  • Viv
    I was under a great deal of stress having to travel overseas often and experiencing great emotional upheaval. Lyn gave me flower remedies for jetlag and anti-stress herbal remedy, (which included St John’s Wort and herbs for the nervous system), that I received prior to an overseas flight made me feel heaps better. I seemed to get over the jetlag within 12 hours of the long trip - previously it used to take 2 or three days! The anti-stress remedy also made me focus on the more positive outlook and I remember feeling much stronger emotionally.
  • Carol
    Carpel tunnel syndrome troubled me greatly.  I was told I needed surgery.  Someone told me to try Bowen therapy so I found Lyn and received about 6 sessions from her to find I had 95% strength back in my arm again!  She also gave me homeopathic’ s for the inflammation since the arm was so sore and inflamed.  During my 2nd visit with her I told her of my teeth grinding and sometimes keeping me awake.  Since I was on thyroxine she advised me to discuss the dosage with my GP as it could be interfering with my calcium absorption.  Lyn gave me specific minerals to take to help with this since she told me it can be a sign of mineral imbalance.  Sure enough - I stopped grinding my teeth!  The minerals also assisted in giving further strength to my carpel tunnel.  Really impressed with this therapy and with Lyn.  Thank you so much for saving me from surgery!
  • Shelley
    Always love visiting Lyn for treatments. Over the years Lyn has helped heal a number of health  issues through natural remedies and herbs which I find far more beneficial than conventional medicines. During Lyn’s appointment she also includes Bowen Therapy that I especially love having. I truly believe Bowen Therapy helps me with any injuries and I’m able to play sport at my absolute best. With the two therapies combined, I know I’m always on the right track to all over optimal health.
  • John
    I started doing Bowen Therapy with Lyn about 12 years ago, it was initially to help with the pain of a wrist injury I had from a previous fracture. I found that Bowen was excellent in reducing the amount of pain I experienced and combining both Bowen and other strengthening work I have done for my forearms I have avoided having surgery that had been suggested by an orthopaedic specialist to fuse the wrist bones. Over the years the Bowen treatments with Lyn have helped me with numerous injuries and conditions, such as low back pain, IBS, Prostatitis and other musculoskeletal aches and pain I experienced.. I would highly recommend Bowen Therapy to anyone who is looking to improve their health and wellbeing.
  • Linda
    I consider Lyn Craven to be among the best natural therapists in Australia and highly recommend her to anyone who is prepared to make a firm commitment toward caring for the most important aspect of their lives – their health and wellbeing.
  • Sharon
    Lyn Craven's Bowen treatment cleared up my RSI which I was in agony with a year or so, and she also helped with a bout of gout that I suffered with Bowen therapy and herbs. She is highly recommended. Thank you Lyn
  • Dalia
    I would like to thank Lyn for helping me resolve much of the awful pain I was experiencing in my body. I had 4 heart seizures and doctors were mystified as to why this was happening.  It turned out I had ingested parasitic infected water whilst travelling overseas and the parasites where not only attacking my heart but creating toxic overload in my blood generating a lot of muscular pain. I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia but really my symptoms must have appeared to be this.  Lyn gave me remedies to combat the parasites, inflammation and help build up my immune system along with other things.  I was off morphine medication within days and was able to reduce mild pain killing medication within less than 2 weeks.  My improvement continued over time.  Thank you so much.  I had been told I would have to live with this pain for the rest of my life!!  What a dreadful thing to contemplate.
  • Peter
    I suffered terrible back pain for a couple of years and tried several different treatments.  I did in fact have some Bowen therapy done on me but the medical doctor also mixed the very quick session with chiro and it did not resolve my problem.  I received 2 Bowen therapy treatments with Lyn which took an hour for each session.  I was so relaxed and found it very enjoyable - very different to my first experience over a year ago with the doctor.  How surprised I was to discover I had no pain after the 2nd session!  The low back pain I had experienced was gone!  I am really impressed with Lyn's treatment using Bowen therapy and highly recommend to anyone seeing pain relief.  I did have further treatments with her and continue to receive them as ongoing maintenance.  I love how relaxed I am during and after the treatment and the great night’s sleep I always experience.
  • Sudhir
    In a perfectly relaxing indoor environment Lyn applied Bowen therapy on my back. I was suffering for long time with upper back pain which was primarily due to my sitting posture while at work. I am now completely relieved of this condition with all the treatment and advice Lyn gave to me.
  • Leng
    For many years I was living with RSI which affected my shoulder, arm and neck movement accompanied by pain. Despite many professional consultations and treatments, my condition continued to get worse. When we moved to Sydney I took a chance to see Lyn and in a few sessions my condition was relieved restoring my shoulder, arm and neck movement to normal
  • Barbara
    Lyn helped me overcome restless leg syndrome. She cleared up all blockage in the chakras and in the legs with Reiki Energy Healing and Bowen Therapy rebalanced my body. She also helped me with my constant bloating / IBS with herbal Remedies. I have been going to Lyn for more than 10 years and I would recommend Lyn to anyone for natural healing therapy
  • Sonya
    I first met Lyn about a year ago. I was in chronic pain with canal stenosis, osteo-arthritis and disc bulges in the lower back. I had tried physiotherapy and steroid injections but nothing helped reduce the pain. After only a few treatments of Bowen Therapy with Lyn my pain had reduced significantly and it wasn’t long before I was pain-free. I continue to see Lyn once a month and have remained pain-free for a year now. Thank you Lyn! I am grateful every day for the work that you do. Your naturopathic knowledge and supplements have helped me greatly too.
  • Monique
    Lyn is an extremely knowledgeable and professional naturopath who I’ve been seeking consultation with for around 15 years. When you find someone as good as her in the profession you stick to her! Lyn’s advice and recommendations have assisted me with my ongoing health


Over the years I have written a number of articles so here are a few that you may like to read through to find out more about the different disorders that I have treated. Some magazines I have written for are: Options Magazine | Good Health Guide | Alive Australia | Fernwood | Natural Health & Vegetarian Magazine | Insight Magazine | Nova Magazine | True Natural Health Magazine | Prediction Magazine (UK) | Go 55's For the Active Senior